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A photo booth can be the star of your event or it could be one of the x-factors if you are going for multiple and diverse installations. A photo booth is always fun, be it at a wedding or reception, birthday party or anniversary, a reunion of old friends or just a social gathering to celebrate a festival. However, a photo booth is incomplete without props. A typical photo booth will have a certain theme and an appropriate setting to create the desired ambience. That would not be sufficient to trigger the imagination of the guests. You must have some props that can help the people bring out their charismatic best. Obviously you cannot have hundreds of props. There are logistical issues, space constraints and also the quintessential money factor. So you should handpick the best props that suit the photo booth and the event you are planning to host.


Sunglasses, hats and wigs, moustaches and masks are the most widely used props. There is no rule that dictates you to choose a particular type of sunglasses. You can choose traditional glasses and perhaps go the vintage way or you can choose unconventional glasses. There are dozens of sizes, scores of shapes and hundreds of shades. You may choose incognito sunglasses or oversized pieces. There is absolute freedom here. The same goes for hats, wigs, moustaches or masks. You can go for any shape, size and quality of moustaches, wigs, hats or masks you want. The dominant theme of the event will influence your choices to an extent but it is equally acceptable to be whacky or chic, weird or classic. You can have crowns or tiaras, helmets or hats, a flapper wig, partial masks covering the eyes and perhaps the forehead or complete facial masks.  

Boas have become one of the most popular props for photo booth. You can get a feather boa and help the guests don a stunning pose. You could get picture frames and get photos of an image within an image. It could be quite surreal if done right. Chalkboards can pave the way for ingenuity. People can write what they want or perhaps create sketches and take photos with their creations as the backdrop. Thought bubbles are a fitting substitute for chalkboard. You could also get random items, from potted plants to novelty items and anything you deem fit for the event. Nothing stops you from letting your imagination run wild as long as the props can be accommodated inside a photo booth and are available for rent. 

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