Birthdays Photo Booth

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Birthday Party Photo in a Booth

Birthday Photo Booth

Birthday parties can be such great events, so are you looking to have the loved one and guests have a memorable time on their special day, you know how much work that can involve.

For a 18th, 21st, 40th, 50th or 60th party, we are sure we can help you find a package and prop box to suit your creativity!

A photo booth adds just that extra piece of fun and adventure, plus the photostrips make for excellent souvenirs of the big day.

With unlimited instant duplicate photostrips for the time of the hire you will have more than enough memento’s for all of your guests. Have no fear of losing any of your irreplaceable memories as all your images will be backed up digitally at no extra cost.

So we can help you and would love to be a part of your upcoming birthday party.

So, what makes us the best

The real McCoy! – We offer a range of genuine photo booth, so you can be assured that your special moments will be taken completely privately. If you or anyone on your guest list suffers from shyness or nerves, you can be assured that they’re going to feel right at home with our booth, as once the curtain is closed it’s just you and the lens!

No more photographers poking you in your private moments, isn’t it interesting?

We believe in transparency: You can clearly see the booth you’ll be getting on our website. Some of our competitors don’t offer you such a great advantage, and leave it all up to clever marketing to sell you something you’re not going to really get. You pay for what you think is the most incredible piece of sophisticated technology, and you end up getting what amounts to a cement mixer with a disposable camera taped to it!

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Hi Helen and David, Thank YOU for helping make Graemes birthday such good fun. We thought we got great value for money. with such friendly helpful service, well organised and a lot of our guests thought the Photos in a Booth was a great idea. Will certainly recommend you! Regards


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