Booth operation

How many people can fit in a Photos in a Booth at once?

You will fit about 4-6 in our enclosed Photo Booths, and at least 16 of your guests in our open booths.

How does it all work & who operates the booth?

The event holder pays a fee for the use of the booth, This mean that it is free for all your guests to use the Photo Booth as much as they like. Your guests have a photographed taken in the booth and generally 2 photo strips are printed with up to 4 photographs on each strip.Your guest can have a option to upload to Facebook, email the photos and also leave a video message to the hosts of the event. You will not have to worry about the operation of our Photo Booths, as it is simple to use and and one of our photo booth assistant will happily assist your guest through the process if needed.

Can you supply props and costumes so my guest are more involved with my event?

We have a range of prop boxes to suit most events and people just love the chance to try them out in the booth.If there is a special line of props you require just drop us a call and we will source them for you.

Should i have a Guest Book?

Yes this is a great way to have a photographic memory from your photo booth event. With this we will present you with a hand written personalized messages from your guests with a photo of them having a great time.

What is the dry-mount photo-album that is provided in some of the Photo in a Booth packages?

Unlike the traditional guest books provided at weddings and birthdays, our dry mount album have plain cardboard or card paper which allows photos of mixed sizes to be placed anywhere on the page. This will allow your guests to leave their mark at your event!

In conjunction with your photo booth this album that will allow a photo-strip alongside a personal message and signature. Every page is protected by rice paper to protect your photo.We can also provide a silver or gold pen so your guests can provide you a written message to go along with the photo strip. All of our Photo in a Booth packages includes unlimited double prints, This means that one strip will go into the album and the other the guest will have as a keepsake.

I want to make sure that everyone will use the Photo Booth, As I would love to have a photo record of all my guest and relatives?

The best response we have found is to have your MC or the life of the party broadcast that you have a desire for all your guests to be photographed and to leave a message in their guest book, most people will make their way to the Photos in a Booth in their own time. A neat way to prompt them is to purchase all of your guests a display frame and place it next to their plate where they’ll be seated, they’ll take the frame up with them to place one of the photo strips in. Frames start from $1.00


How many prints can we expect to print per hour?

Generally each shoot can take three or four pictures depending on the set up. You would allow about one minute per shoot. This would be subject to the set up that you select for your guests be it to take video, upload to Facebook, or email them. When the Photo Booth is zipping along you could expect about 50-60 sets an hour or 240 individual photos each hour if there is three photos printed on each strip.

Do i have a choice on how many photos appear on the strip?

Yes the choice can be 3 to 4 photos on a 2 x 6 inch strip. With the 3 photo option you can have the bottom of this strip filled with a logo or text.You also have a option of a 4 x 6 inch strip with up to eight photo’s on it.

What is the unlimited double-print?

When your guest enters into the photo booth it takes up to four photos depending on the set up you ordered (these make up the photo strip) it will then print out 2 pre cut identical strips. One strip can be added onto a photo album and the other your guest will receive, creating a keepsake for them as a reminder of your event to keep. You will have unlimited prints for the duration of the event.

Over time will my photos fade?

No. With the commercial printing process we use they last up to 100 years without the photos printed from the photo booth fading. With the printing process used there is no ink to dry ,smudge or run and will resist water damage .With a digital copy of all the prints you will always have a back up from all of your photo booth prints.

What is the option for a logo for?

With our Photos in a Booth, we can add a logo onto every photo be it an image or announcement or marketing image. It is suitable for all events be it your weddings, birthday or corporate functions, we will add the logo into the last frame of the photo strip. We can create a basic message for your or you can send in the logo by meeting a set criteria via email, and we will then add it into the programming of the photo booth. This means you will have 3 photos on the strip not 4 (most people take this up as it is a creates a great keepsake of the event). We can also custom design an image for a small fee for you.

What is this dye-sublimation printing?

Dye-sublimation printing is a continuous-tone technology, where each dot can be any colour. Inkjet printers on the other hand can vary the location and size of ink droplets, a process called dithering, but with each drop of ink it is limited to the colours of the inks installed. Therefore, a dye-sublimation printer produces true continuous tones appearing much like you would see on a chemical photograph.

Dye sublimation offers many advantages over inkjet printing. For one, the prints are dry and ready to handle as soon as they exit the printer.

Because the sublimated ink is a gas, it disseminate a small amount before being absorbed by the paper. For photographs, this produces very natural prints.

Previously, the use of dye-sub printing was only limited to industrial or high-end commercial printing.


What is the transport size and set up size of the photo booth?

A Photos in a Booth when in transporting mode on castors the size is 1.4m Long x 0.850m Wide x 1.13m High.

When set up it is 2m High x 1.57m Long x 1m wide and 97kg

The Open Kiosk size is 2m High x 1m x .320m and 84kg Area to be operate in 2.5 x 3m

What if there are difficulties accessing the venue with narrow doorways or lifts that hamper delivery?

The hirer needs to scope the venue and advise Photos in a Booth of any possible difficulties in manoeuvring the Photo Booth into the event. These could also be rocky pathways, soft grass, narrow hall ways or steps. We are able to work around most of these, but to ensure it is set up on time we will need to allocate time and charges to do so, or it could consume some of your rental time.

How do you transport the Photo Booth into my venue?

We have a specially fitted out van and will, back it up to the closest access point and unload the booth as near to the venue as possible . The Photo Booths have wheels on them so we can roll the unit into place. Be aware that if there are restrictions to access the venue such as steps, grass, and small entrance ways we will need to disassemble it outside and then reassemble it once we are inside. A charge will be incurred for this.

Rental timing

I am unsure on how long I should book a Photo Booth for?

You should use this formula as a guide. Number of guests x 1.5 = minutes required as in the following example Say 160 guest x 1.5 = 240 minutes or 4 hours. This guide can vary depending on the type of event you hold. If extra hours are required please email Photos in a Booth 5 days before your event so we can allocate you some more fun times.

When time does the hire charge start?

This will start at a prearranged time that we arrange with you before the event. The set up and removal will be in our time not yours.

How long before the start time can you set up the Photos in a Booth without an extra charge?

The photo booth will be delivered up to one hour before your nominated booking time free of charge if you book a 3 hour or more package. If needed the photo booth can be in place more than one hour before the event and one of our staff members will have to remain with the booth waiting for the event to start, there is a $77 per hour fee for this. This could be waivered depending on delivery arrangements.

Do i have to chose one of the set packages?

The photo booth will be delivered up to one hour before your nominated booking time free of charge if you book a 3 hour or more package. If needed the photo booth can be in place more than one hour before the event and one of our staff members will have to remain with the booth waiting for the event to start, there is a $50 per hour fee for this. This could be waivered depending on delivery arrangements.

What is the procedure with packing up the booth once the hire time is finished but our event is still on going?

One the hire time is finished we will pack up with the least possible disruption to your event. If this does not suit your event you can email us 7 days before the start of your event we then charge $77 an hour for our staff to wait around until you specify and then we will pack up the booth. We may be able to relinquish these fees depending on our pick up schedule.

What is idle time

This is the time for when we have our booth setup but is closed for use.

An example when this could be a advantage to you are.

You have booked our 3 hour wedding package from 5pm to 8pm but you have your dinner and speeches arranged for an hour at 7pm, just add in a idle hour at 7pm and then have us resume the operation of the booth at 8pm and now finish at 9pm this allows you to get the most time out of your booth.

If you have booked you party from 5pm to 10pm but need it to be set up by 3pm long before your guest turn up, just ask us for a idle hour to cover this (we always arrive 1 hour before start time at no charge) We charge $77 per hour to cover the cost of our attendants extending their time.


Ok I want to secure a booking date how do I pay?

Contact us by phone or email us via our contact page.We will then after discussing your requirement with you,and you are then happy to make a booking we will then send you out a booking confirmation form with our terms and conditions.

Fill out this form with all your details and return. On the form is our bank account details,with this you can make a payment of $200 via direct deposit into our account to secure your date.Full payment is then required 7 days prior to your event.

What happens if the Photo Booth has a major malfunction during a hire?

We are very proud of our Australian made Photo Booth as they have proved to be outstandingly reliable. However if there was a major malfunction up to 1 hour from the commencement of operation you will receive a full refund. After 1 hour, a pro-rata refund will be made.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, as a commercial venture we have all the coverage that is required for a Photo Booth business when dealing with the public.

Booth Animations

What is the screen animation

Your booth animation for the start screen image will be a full-size display on the screen, based on your event theme, or celebration. It’s will be created for you from our extensive customisable library and is displayed on the screen on the event day.

Can i add my own image?

Definitely, these should be one of your favourite picture or pictures. Our artist then incorporates the fabulous photo/s into a sleek animation for the photo Booth.
Just email us the image and we will send you a sample when it has been created.

The size of the image should be app 100mm x100 mm with a file size of over 300kb, the bigger file size the better animation quality.
We can do basic edits for you.

Do i see a sample before my event?

Yes the animation will be sent to you, this will be based on your selected booth start screen, your supplied text and image if supplied, for you to adjust or approve by return email.

Can you create a full set of custom animations

We would love to create a special set of full animations for you these will be made by our artist
Call us with you event concept and we will work closely with you to turn your thoughts into a animation set.
See one of creations here