How Photo Booths Came to Life

Ironically not until the internet was invented that dozens of sites authoritatively started shouting the phrase “photobooths!” There is hardly any company or product in the history of the world was ever called “photobooth” yet it is precisely what generations after generations have called those clunky contraptions that would otherwise be referred to as the world’s number one do-it-yourself art making invention.

Just like any other interventions, these photo booths as we now know them and grown to love over the years, went through several phases. It’s first ever prototype was very popular in New York. Soon it began spreading across the country and overseas documenting the world’s smiles. Below is a brief history of this modern day selfie and social media culture staple;

1889: A prototype was developed; the first ever known photo machine to be featured in Paris’ World Fair. This coin-operated machine developed a photo on a thin sheet of metal within five minutes.

1896: the first negative and positive automatic photo machine to be developed in Germany.

1925: the first curtain-enclosed photobooth to be developed in New York by a Russian immigrant by the name Anatol Josepho. After this successful prototype, he opened a photomaton studio which had 3 photo booths in Broadway. The studio attracted thousands and thousands of customers. People could get eight strips of photos within 8 minutes for only 25 cents. After this success photo booths spread to the rest of the United States. 

1927: the New York Times published how a photoslot devices generated $1,000,000 to the inventor. photobooths spread to Europe and Canada

 1958: Police, mug shots and ID auto photo model 11 booth was developed. These photo booths had no curtains and they also included numbers beside every photo on the strip

1960s: Andy Warhol started manipulating the photo booth photos in his art projects. He was the first artist to do this; he begun reinterpreting the white and black photos with colour, line drawings and even enlarging them.

 1965: the founder of 1000 words, Mike Abella together with big brother Steve visits their first photo booth.

1968: customers began operating the photo booths by themselves without the help of attendants.

1970s: colour photo strips were introduced. 

1990s: photo-me begun selling digital colour booths that used computers to print out the strips faster.

Currently: with advanced technological interventions, photobooths are still fun as ever. There are various options for sharing, printing and even various occasions they could be used in, after all a picture is worth 1000 words!

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