The Mirror Booth animations offers an affordable way to capture your special day with an amazing souvenir. With our customised start screens, your guests will have an amazing memory of your day.

We offer two options: either have a picture or just text. You decide which is best for you!

How it works

When your guests touch the Mirror booth screen, this will begin the workflow for their photo print. The animated start screen that we created, becomes yours to treasure forever.

Adding an image

The experience begins with one of your favourite pictures. Our artist then incorporates the fabulous photo/s into a sleek animation for the Mirror Photo Booth. That animation is used as the attract screen, this is what they see when they walk in front of the Mirror booth during your event.

Your added text

We have a range of animations available to suit your theme. You can also add your own special message. This animation is then displayed on the photo booth hire at your event.

Make their event unforgettable!

Guests will love these custom animated start screens for the photo booth. It's a great way to make sure they'll remember how fun your event was.

What is the screen animation

Your booth animation for the start screen image will be a full-size display on the screen, based on your event theme, or celebration. It’s will be created for you from our extensive customisable library and is displayed on the screen on the event day.

Can i add my own image?

Definitely, these should be one of your favourite picture or pictures. Our artist then incorporates the fabulous photo/s into a sleek animation for the photo Booth.
Just email us the image and we will send you a sample when it has been created.

The size of the image should be app 100mm x100 mm with a file size of over 300kb, the bigger file size the better animation quality.
We can do basic edits for you.

Do i see a sample before my event?

Yes the animation will be sent to you, this will be based on your selected booth start screen, your supplied text and image if supplied, for you to adjust or approve by return email.

Can you create a full set of custom animations

We would love to create a special set of full animations for you these will be made by our artist
Call us with you event concept and we will work closely with you to turn your thoughts into a animation set.
See one of creations here