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A photo booth can add the much needed zing to your event. Photo booth is fun and it is utilitarian too as people get to freeze the moments and have copied of their pictures for their personal albums. The pictures also become an integral part of the collective memory, triggering fond recollections in the future. However, hiring or renting a photo booth for your event without adequate planning is absolutely unwise. While you would be planning every aspect of your event with unflinching attention to detail, you must do the same with your photo booth. Here are some common Photo Booth mistakes people make at the time of choosing a photo booth. 

Many hosts or event organisers underestimate the number of people that may hop into the photo at a given point in time. A photo booth can accommodate only two people, some are small enough for only one at a time. A photo booth can accommodate twenty people or even more. The size will determine the capacity and you should choose an appropriate photo booth based on your needs. You could have a standing instruction outside the photo booth disallowing any more people than the maximum capacity. That can dampen the fun if there is a group of friends or a family that would like to be in a picture together. Study your guest list. Look for such groups of people, guests who may know one another and possible grouping of some guests who may want to have some fun inside the photo booth together. Accordingly pick the size of the photo booth. 

Do not settle for the standard photo booth. A photo booth for any event without a relevant theme is a bland affair. You must choose a theme, you should personalise the photo booth and you must get appropriate props. There is no rule here. You can choose any theme as long as it doesn’t ruin the flavour of the event. The objective is to spice things up. A photo booth with plenty of props and charming personalisation will be much more fun than you can imagine. Bear in mind what the party is all about, you would possibly be aware what the guests like and dislike, you should consider how the afternoon or evening is going to pan out and accordingly go for some custom features that will make your photo booth a fascinating experience. Consult with your photo booth supplier while planning your event and you can avert all the usual mistakes. 

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