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Choosing a wedding gift is always a Herculean task. It doesn’t matter how well you know a couple. You may be best of friends and hence know a lot about the couple, which will help you to zero in on a few potential gift ideas. Although that will not make your task any easier since you will be conflicted with the few choices. You may not know the couple as well as their family or close friends, which could be a blessing in disguise as you can be a little more sporadic with your choice of gift. Yet, you will have to make the final choice. Diamonds may be forever, home appliances are rarely potential choices as most couples would already have the amenities they need, portable novelty items aren’t exactly great gifts for a wedding and you would not be able to go for something that is not substantially valuable. The vast spectrum of possibilities aside, a photo booth can be the ultimate wedding gift. 

First, a photo booth will be a unique gift. It is unlikely that a wedding will not have a registry so multiple guests buying the same gift is almost an impossible scenario. You can check the registry if you want to be sure but it is very unlikely someone would have already listed a photo booth. Gifts are supposed to be unique. We have grown to think in a certain way which is why our gifts are too common or generic. A photo booth will mark a significant shift and can amaze the recipient couple. 

A photo booth becomes a fixture at the wedding event or at the reception. Photo booth is a utilitarian installation. It is fun and engaging. It will take the wedding to a whole new level. A photo booth at a reception can be a revelation, ushering in an hour or two of pure joy, frolic and revelry. The photo booth will primarily be for the couple but the other guests would also use it.

A wedding photo booth is actually two gifts rolled into one. While the setup will lead to a lot of fun and happiness, the album or the photographs will last forever. The wedding photographer may go about taking the standard formal images. The wedding photo booth will capture all the cool, chic, weird, quirky, friendly and romantic moments. The sheer experience will be remembered by one and all. The couple will always recollect fondly how you had gifted them a photo booth for their wedding. 

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