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When it comes to the photobooth, it’s one of the most traditional icons of photography. While kids growing up these days may have never heard of a photo booth, they are a critical way to implement something different to your events or corporate get-togethers. That said, if you’re involved with social media, there is a way you can spice things up by incorporating the photobooth. These are ideas you might’ve thought of before, but in case you haven’t these are just a few ways you can make things more interesting for yourself and your prospective clientele.

Make Your Photobooth Taggable Locations on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, it’s one of the most influential and popular social media platforms. Because of that, it’s important to understand the social dynamics of the platform. This will ensure that you can not only engage with social media properly, but you can take one a photo in any number of booths and properly engage with your audience. One method you can utilize on Instagram is the ability to make a taggable location. In other words, people can take a photo and set the geolocation as the photobooth, which would be mean people online could access the photobooth photos and easily share or broadcast their photos to others. This is fun because it makes the photobooth into more than just a little piece of furniture at your corporate gig. It could actually be the main attraction. This will make people much more inclined to engage with it and have fun. 

Create Custom Snapchat Filters

While Snapchat filters are much more exclusive in terms of being a platform to access and really manipulate, it is still a very popular platform that remains among the most highly coveted outlets for social media companies. Having a photobooth is a great way to spice things up because when it comes to Snapchat, it’s all about documenting unique events that pop up in a person’s life. because most kids may not have ever experienced the joy of a photo booth, if you have a familial corporate event, kids and teenagers will really love and gravitate to the photobooth. Custom Snapchat filters will ensure they will be more likely to use it to show off their super unique filter. 

While these are only a few tips, they are excellent and they will really help in terms of pitching the idea of a photobooth to prospective clients.

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