Every bride and groom have a dream to host a wedding filled with amazing decorations, fun and fancy food counters. A wedding is a special day because it is a one-time affair. For making their day memorable and splendid, people save plenty of money to affording elegant and memorable decor.    

But not everyone can plan a blissful and luxurious wedding. So, today we are here sharing some of the fun and amazing ways to save money for creating a memorable day without burning hole in the pocket.    

Save Money on Wedding Decoration

  • Using white Christmas lights for decoration are simple and elegant. The lighting adds so much peace and sophistication to any wedding venue. Lights are very easy to use and can be hung from the ceiling, around the table and the cake, or potted plants for making the venue appear like twinkling sky in the night.
  •  Using colourful and wide ribbons around the seats and sofas helps in creating an impression of fancy sittings. Ribbons help create colourful vibes and a punch of glamour.
  •  Lighting up the venue with hundreds of candles is nothing more romantic than a dim room light that glows under the shadow of the sun.
  •  For more beautiful and earthy decoration, you can also display different varieties and colours of flowers at the entrance or inside. You can construct large flower balls that will look elegant, eye-catching and memorable. The flower displays will also create a professional look. The decoration can be done with silk flowers or order flowers from online or wholesale shops for saving money.
  •  For engaging the audience and the guest couple can also portray their photos or make a wonderful video to display. The video will be the best way to bring out favourite pictures of you and your partner. This way you both can enjoy your evening and become celebrities. Your guest will be entertained within your budget and you would be able to relive your journey of love.

Adding a Touch of DIY

  • Creating fun and interesting DIY’s can be accomplished with the help of friends and family. You and your friends’ squad can create beautiful chandeliers for your wedding. Since they do not require any intricate work, making them on your own is a piece of cake. These handmade chandeliers will add lot of personal touch and delicate lighting. (Get ideas from YouTube)
  • By ditching the idea of scented flowers, you can always go with the colours to your wedding décor with the help of balloons. This way you will give your wedding a hint fun and a romantic touch at the same time (and economical too).
  • Opting for vintage charm is always interesting and charming. Using colourful recyclable origami paper decorations will give your wedding an interesting look without breaking your budget.

Having a Mindful Wedding Theme

A couple needs to make sure that the theme is fresh, elegant, and appropriate for you and your spouse-to-be. They can pick up the themes that are easy to create and fun to play, such as by the beach, rustic theme, black and white or any other.

  • Selecting the basic theme with elegant colours like black and white is inexpensive for both bride and groom because the guests themselves will be the main decoration. The guest’s list can be divided accordingly. This will make sure both of you save a lot of money, and especially during this time (of COVID-19) because guests may not be able to afford to purchase a new outfit for the wedding.
  •  Seasonal holiday themes like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter are some of the most amazing and fun holidays that could be experienced under the name of the special day. Seasonal themes are very easy to create and decorate. Adding colours and fancy decoration will help to catch the attention of the guests. This way you can make everyone experience love and joy at the same time. For example, a wedding during the summer season can have a beach theme that includes shells and sand as centrepieces and candles with sand and shells around as the bomboniere.
  •  Last but not the least; weddings can be made interesting and refreshing by setting an activity that you can your guests can do together. If you are having a themed wedding or just something simple you can have games like ‘I Spy’ for the kids and the ‘bride vs groom’ something fun that will make you all laugh and something to remember your special day.

Hiring a Photo Booth

A wedding without fun photographs is something like a cake without icing. So, hire a photo booth which will add little creativity to the romantic atmosphere of your big day. Guests can enjoy and create a lot of memories by getting them involved in the photo booth. Nowadays hiring photo booths are an easy task because it can be easily purchased online or hire.

Finally, having a memorable wedding is not as money demanding as it has been hyped to be (not today or not in the future) because with little effort and some DIY ideas, you can create a most romantic and sparkling evening for you and your guests.    

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