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School Formals Photo Booth

Back In the good old days, capturing cherished memories forever was all about standing absolutely motionless and looking straight-faced while a man vanished beneath a curtain and startled you with a flash. Jump to today and now photography lends itself to be a lot more fun and casual.

But for really special events—those nights you and your friends will cherish and want to remember months, years, and decades into the future—why not try something a bit different and exciting. Something that leaves everyone with a memento of the night.

We think all our packages and booths are fantastic for school formals. With our selection of prop boxes, you can be assured the photo booth will bring loads of laughter and wows to your school formal. We do however recommend adding the Social Media.

Upload Station as an extra. We have seen how the current
generation are so connected these days through social media. This station is a most loved addition at formals as they can upload the photos directly to their Facebook or send them to themselves via text.

So, what makes us the best

We have bubbly staff: If you or anyone of your guests suffers from shyness or nerves, you can be assured that they’re going to feel right at home with our booth. Our staff are very encouraging and supportive. They will try to make sure everyone gets at least one photo and enjoys their time in the booth.

We believe in transparency: You can clearly see the booth you’ll be getting on our website. Some of our competitors don’t offer you such a great advantage and leave it all up to clever marketing to sell you something you’re not going to really get. You pay for what you think is the most incredible piece of sophisticated technology, and you end up getting what amounts to a cement mixer with a disposable camera taped to it!

Feedback from the students and staff was excellent, they all really enjoyed it. Your service was excellent, I know some students can be “challenging” sometimes but you managed to liaise with them very well. I have spread the word around how great and easy to organise the event was

Kate Johnson

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