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Some people find it hard to make a decision between hiring a photographer to take pictures at an event or setting up a photo booth. Either of these alternative has its benefits however a photo booth besides delivering what a gifted photographer can do is more advantageous. Below are reasons as to why photos in a photo booth stand out;

The Pictures Are More Clear And Comical 

If you are hosting and event and there are many people walking around especially kids or teenagers, one would find it hard to take great pictures due to the constant interruptions. Also most of the time these pictures come out blurry or out of focus. However, photos from a photo booth are of high quality and very vibrant. The pictures are fun, whimsical and comical as experience itself is fun on its own.

Pictures Don’t Lose Their Quality When Shared

Your friends and family will definitely want copies of the photos you took, however in case you had taken the photos traditionally, it will be hard to share; process of developing might reduce the qualities of the photos. However with photo booths sharing the photos will maintain their quality as the photos will retain their vibrancy, colour, quality and even focus as one can easily upload the photos and send with just a click on a button.

Other reasons include;

  • Since photo booths get people to loosen up, the photos are natural since people won’t have to freeze as they normally do in front of cameras.
  • Inhibitions and fear disappear when people enter the booths with props
  • Photo booths create dramatic, epic, colourful, fun and full of life short stories photos as they bring people to life and captures the spirit which typical photos do not.
  • Photo booth photos capture lots of hilarious moments.
  • A photo booth encourages spontaneousness and creativity which makes the photos great.
  • Photo booth pictures capture everyone and hence nothing is left out.
  • Photo booths create several strips from which one can chose one they like best to keep and if none impresses them then can always retake. 
  • Photo booths take pictures when one is ready.

Gifted photographers do amazing work, but what are the odds of getting one that can do all the stuff for hours without making a mistake? Opt for something that will make your photo sessions fun and a great success pays. Find and hire a photo booth and make you pictures stand out from the rest!

If you live in any of these towns and want to hire a photobooth for  Ballina | Lismore | Casino | Kyogle |Byron Bay | Gold Coast | Grafton | Brisbane |Tenterfield and more, call us at Photos in a Booth and we will make your event one to remember 0488 091 081

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January 2022
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